ESU/ESUT Hands-on Training Exams

ESUT18-IEA offers two different hands-on training exams, as well as a “step 2” training course for people who completed the first step before the meeting starts. Participants can register to take the E-BLUS Exam and EST s1 Exam in Modena. Delegates can sign up for them when registering for ESUT18-IEA. For people who already completed the EST s1 Exam, step 2 training is available upon invitation. If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to 

ESTs1 Exam

The Endoscopic Stone Treatment (EST) training curriculum has the goal to provide the clinician with proficiency skills in the treatment of urinary stones with endoscopic techniques. This protocol has been designed following a very strict process, in order to mitigate the risks of complications related to the learning curve process. Moving along the different tasks 336 Programme Book EAU Education and training steps, the participant will learn how to use the different instruments and technologies that can be functional to stone fragmentation and extraction.

The EST s1 (Endoscopic Stone Treatment step 1) is the first step of this training and assessment curriculum. To aid in the training of these skills and to prepare for this ESTs1 exam, the exercises to be performed can be found in the instructional videos here.


One of the main goals of the EAU is to establish and introduce common standards for training and European urological practice in order to improve patient care. The E-BLUS exam certifies a basic level of laparoscopic urological skills. The exercises addresses bimanual dexterity, depth perception, suturing and cutting skills. Clinical application is found in such procedures as partial nephrectomy, total nephrectomy, pyeloplasty and radical prostatectomy. To aid in the training of these skills and to prepare for this E-BLUS exam the online theoretical course is mandatory.

The course will start with E-BLUS training to further develop your laparoscopic skills and to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of international laparoscopy experts. After the training your skill are tested in the E-BLUS exam. Make sure you are prepared for the exam because training time onsite will be limited and without previous training you will most likely not pass the exam. The exercises to be performed can be found in the instructional videos here.

ESU/ESUT/EULIS Hands-on Training Course in Endoscopic stone treatment – step 2

This course will provide hands-on-training with tutor guidance on practical tips and tricks about intermediate (step 2) ureteroscopy and stone fragmentation skills. The participants will get to interact with the tutors and perform rigid and flexible ureterosocpy with stone fragmentation, stone repositioning and retrieval using the endourology tools provided. Registration for this course is upon invitation only.

Aims and objectives
At the end of course, the participants will be able to perform rigid and flexible ureteroscopy including stone fragmentation in the ureter and kidney, on the models provided.

The participants will also be able to discuss and interact with tutors for valuable insights in all steps of ureteroscopy, the correct use of all available tools and finish the procedure on the model.

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